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How Donald Trump made his Win


How Donald Trump made his Win

Trump may seems erratic and unfocused sometime but he was backed up by right /intellegent team of people to make him 2016 election Winner .

He did various good effort for capturing Hindus vote Bank

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Next Best Thing he had was Danney Williams

The story of Danney Williams, Bill Clinton’s Black son, tells his story for the first time in this riveting documentary testimonial – BANISHED.

Websites: http://clintonson.com and http://danneywilliams.com

So if Mom cannot take care of her own Step son (Bill Clinton’s Black son) How she will take care of Other Same race people.

It was another Chaos and All Obama Supporters went against Hillary for this.

Next Comes
Flashback: Hilary Clinton/Campaign Fraud/Peter Paul Stan Lee Scandal

Another Chaos and lost all White color Votes .

A Linguistic Analysis Of Donald Trump Shows Why People Like Him So Much
189 diggs Election 2016 Language Politics
Sometimes when he speaks he seems erratic and unfocused, but this careful dissection of the Donald’s speech patterns shows the unusual way he talks is actually very deliberate.

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