Questions and answersCategory: QuestionsWhat happens when we run old SSIS Package in new SSIS environment
jkr asked 3 years ago

I am running  SQL server 2008 R2 package in  SQL server2014 .Do  I have to migrate it ?

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answered 3 years ago

For SQL server SSIS 2014 scenario dtexec  command  tries an in place automatic  migration ( when we run it as it )  . Even at run time  Package starts migration to  new 6.0  SSIS 2014 format  it but does not work /May work . It  upgrades package automatically and overwrites existing File   ( in place migration without confirmation )   So the only way  we have is to systematically migrate it and test it So that we can do more changes on top of it . We have to open SSIS package  in  visual studio 2013 solution Compiled  code and we can test/debug  it with Visual studio     ERROR when we don’t migrate and run as it is